Testing Variable Speed Drive Milking Machines

Tuesday, 14th June 2016
As a consequence of some work carried out by a tester in the South Island there has been a small but significant change made to how the maximum vacuum pump rpm reading is taken. Previously we recommended opening clusters until the maximum rpm reading was reached. This has been changed to removing the transducer so that this no longer controls the vacuum pump speed.

The wording that will be added to the relevant module (Testing Variable Speed Drive Milking Machines) is as follows:

Remember to stop the milking machine if a guard has to be removed. Reading 1 — Vacuum pump speed rpm is the first reading on the test report. A minimum and a maximum speed must be taken and recorded. The minimum speed is obtained by reducing consumption until the speed no longer decreases. To take the maximum speed the transducer must be removed so that the vacuum pump is running at true maximum.