Teat Spraying

Monday, 9th March 2009
One of the cornerstones of controlling Mastitis is disinfecting teats after milking.

In order to both be effective and comply with regulatory requirements, disinfection must be carried out correctly using approved teat spray chemicals.

Teat sprays and dips, along with any animal remedies, detergents or other chemicals used in the Farm Dairy, must undergo an approval process to ensure they are fit for purpose and won't result in residues in the milk supply. A list of approved chemicals is available on the NZFSA website (www.nzfsa.govt.nz) or you can contact Fonterra's Milk Quality Team or your local Farm Dairy Assessor for further information.

Currently the NZFSA has approved all teat sprays on the market for use after milking.

However, they have only approved one brand of teat spray, DeLaval Spray & Dip RTU, for use before milking, subject to adherence to the following strict criteria:
  • Spray or dip the teats prior to milking
  • Wait for 15 - 30 seconds after application
  • Dry the teats using a single service towel; then
  • Apply the cups for milking.

This means there must be a delay between using the spray or dip and applying the cups. It's also important to wipe the teats dry with a paper towel - a new towel should be used for each cow. The teats' ends must be dried prior to the cups being applied to reduce the risk of milk residues.

N.B. The use of teat sprays before milking that are only approved for use after milking OR using a teat spray that is approved for before milking application and not adhering to the application criteria will result in that milk not being accepted for manufacture.

If you have any questions about the correct use of teat spray, please call Fonterra's Milk Quality Team on 0800 65 65 68. Alternatively, you can contact your local Farm Dairy Assessor.