Quality Management System Template available for Members

Thursday, 18th June 2015

What is a Quality Management System?

A Quality Management System (QMS) is nothing more than good business sense. A collection of business processes focused on achieving quality to meet customer requirements. It is expressed as the organisational policies, procedures, processes and resources needed to implement quality management. A QMS is not a requirement within a business, however, it is a good start to a business identifying sound processes towards achieving quality and customer satisfaction. Although it is not a requirement to have a QMS within your business, a number of industry accreditation schemes, such as for Farm Dairy Effluent System Design and Water Metering, require you to provide evidence of Quality Management.

MPTA is pleased to be able to offer a Quality Management System template to Members to purchase for just $195.00 + gst.

The document includes sections and relative forms for the following procedures:
  • 01 Quality Policy
  • 02 Contract Review
  • 03 Continuous Improvement
  • 04 Induction & Training
  • 05 Control of Documents
  • 06 Setting & Reviewing Objectives
  • 07 Internal Audits
  • 08 Project Management

The template is not an exhaustive document, however, it is a great starting point. There may be sections you wish to add or delete from the template, or incorporate your existing procedures or forms as opposed to using the processes suggested.

The template is provided electronically in MS Word format for easy editing and you will need to go through the document and complete the details of who will be responsible for a described task.

The QMS template is a living document which should be referred to and updated regularly. It is only effective if the procedures and processes set out in it are agreed to and implemented within your business.

You can order your Quality Management System Manual template from our Stationery tab click here...