Preliminary Milking Machine Test Report

Tuesday, 14th January 2014
A Preliminary Test Report can be utilised as a quick reference to the farm owner / shed manager as to the outcome of the milking machine test pending the full, analysed test results being made available. It would flag if everything was in order or if there is urgent work to be undertaken. The report is designed to be completed on-site and left in the dairy shed for the farm owner / shed manager to access.

As a safeguard to the tester and the tester's employing company, it is recommended that a duplicate copy of the report is held on the customer's file. (Carbon paper is suggested for this).

Note: use of this report is optional.

A Word format of the report can be supplied to enable you to pre-populate the Company Name and Phone number details and to insert your company logo to the document then print off the copies you need. click here to send an email to requiest a Word format version.

A reminder that only current Registered Milking Machine Testers are authorised to undertake Milking Machine Tests. To view the list of current testers click here...