Effective Detergent Rinsing

Monday, 8th April 2013
Effective cleaning of dairy plants is an important part of supplying high quality milk to Fonterra. Just as important as the cleaning is the prevention of any residual cleaning chemicals entering the milk supply.

Fonterra's position is that all farm dairy detergents must be thoroughly rinsed from the dairy plant prior to the next milking (or the first milk off the plant dumped to waste) in order to prevent residual chemical contamination of the milk - regardless of the type of detergent used.

Fonterra have already been working with suppliers in order to ensure their detergent rinsing is effective in eliminating any residual detergent from their plants and will continue to look at ensuring we have effective screening programs in place to help farmers manage this.

Milking Machine technicians and detergent retailers should be familiar with the regulations that Fonterra have set for their suppliers - details of which can be found in the file downloads to the right.