AutoRep - Electronic Milking Machine Test Reporting Programme

Monday, 12th October 2009

Introducing AutoRep - an Electronic Milking Machine Test Reporting Programme

AutoRep is an electronic Milking Machine Test reporting programme which has been designed with simplicity and accuracy in mind. It will guide you through the correct testing procedure with easy to follow instructions, offer prompts for recommendations and perform calculations for the test reports. Simply enter the reading in the appropriate cell and all calculations are automatically summarised. At the end of the test a printed report on all aspects of the machine test including Milking Machine Test Report, Visual Faults Report, and Test Summary are provided.

Advantages of the AutoRep Programme:

  • it is self auditing - highlighting if a calculation is recorded incorrectly
  • calculations are automatically summarized
  • calculates conversions from Hp to KW, Inches of Mercury to Kpa
  • performs a number of Vacuum Pump calculations
  • enables you to correctly match liner- shell compatibility by clicking on the Liner Calculator button
  • automatically works out friction loss up to 100mm pipe-work
  • offers prompts for recommendations to the Farmer
  • time saved by Autorep printing the test reports makes you more profitable
  • can be formatted with your company logo for a more professional image
  • having printed test reports eliminates issues with illegible handwriting
  • updated free of charge to adjust calculations if minor errors are found
  • updated when Milking Machine Testing Standards are updated to ensure the testing information is always current
  • calculates the correct refrigeration sizing as per cow numbers

Note for DeLaval Dealers: This programme links to DeLaval's VPR and downloads the VPR information into the appropriate worksheets.

The MPTA AutoRep software programme is $500.00 + gst which includes one free user licence. Additional user licences can be purchased for $50.00 + gst each. Orders can be placed via our website under the STATIONERY tab or phone Maria on 027 449 7402.