Stray Voltage Testing (Online Course)

This online, self-paced course is available to start at any time, and is designed to give participants an understanding of what causes stray voltage problems in and around the farm dairy and includes how to evaluate voltage gradients and make recommendations.

Note: The fee for this course must be paid in advance, before the online link is made available.

Who Should Complete This Course

Anyone involved in advising farmers on good milking practice and function such as milking machine dealer staff, sales reps, OEMs, local agents – fitters and testers, vets and advisers.

Course Content

Participants will learn:
  • basic theory relating to power reticulation
  • an understanding of why stray voltage problems occur
  • how to recognise signs of stray voltage
  • how to use a volt meter
  • diagnosis and recommendations

Note: This course is delivered for MPTA by Quality Consultants NZ Ltd (QCONZ) - a NZQA approved Private Training Establishment.

Participants who successfully complete this online course will receive a NZMPTA Certificate of Achievement in Stray Voltage Testing.

Participants are able to order the same design volt meter testing equipment used on the course demonstrations. This will enable them to put what they have learnt into practice.
Purchase price of Volt Meter is $200.00 + GST and can be ordered from the Stationery Orders page on this website. Click here to go to stationery orders...