Small Drinking Water Supplies

How to evaluate small drinking- water systems and prepare a Water Safety Plan for small water systems.

Course Description

This three day course is designed to give participants the skills needed to evaluate the performance of existing water systems and to determine treatment options for new and existing water supplies and to prepare a Water Safety Plan for water systems.

Course Content

Participants will learn:
  • Factors that affect quality and quantity of water available from water sources and catchments
  • Capabilities and limitations of water treatment processes
  • How to select water treatment processes
  • Multibarrier systems for public health protection
  • Drinking water reticulation components from source to taps
  • Monitoring and recording requirements
  • How to prepare a Water Safety Plan

Two assignments are required to be completed as part of this course in order to be awarded the unit standard/s stipulated.

Participants who successfully complete this course and the related assignments will be accredited with NZQA Unit Standards 29965, Demonstrate knowledge of small drinking-water systems (Level 3, 5 credits) and 29996, Demonstrate knowledge of and apply principles of water safety planning for a small drinking-water system (Level 3, 5 credits) and will receive a NZMPTA Certificate of Achievement in Small Drinking Water Supplies