NZMPTA Pumping Systems Technician

MPTA has developed an internal certification titled the “MPTA Pumping Systems Technician Certification” to acknowledge those technicians currently working within the water-based pumping systems industry that have many years experience but no formal trade training or qualification.

The Certification recognises the skills that have been acquired throughout a technician’s career and the contribution that those individuals make towards the industry.

The Certification will add credibility and confidence to our skilled workforce and populate the industry with recognised, competent tradespeople.

The Application Form, which can be downloaded by clicking the pdf file to the right, sets out the requirements of evidence required from applicants to enable MPTA to assess and confirm skill levels for technicians who have been working within the industry for more than eight years. Applicants are required to have a broad knowledge of the industry and a prescribed standard of skills and knowledge, which will be assessed by and independent Assessor before the Certification shall be awarded.