Milking Block Course (Apprentices)

This 5 day block course forms part of Dairy Systems (Engineering) qualification that all Milking Stand apprentices are required to complete.

This course comprises three MPTA milking machine troubleshooting courses which have been condensed into a one week block course and will be run back to back over the week.

The courses covered in this block course are:

Mastitis - includes milking management and in-milk testing.
The Mastitis learning will generally run on the Monday & Tuesday.

Cleaning Evaluation & Milk Delivery.
The Cleaning Evaluation & Milk Delivery learning will generally run on the Wednesday & Thursday.

Milk Quality & Grade Troubleshooting.
The Milk Quality learning will generally run on the Friday of the week.

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Liner Selection and Stray Voltage Testing also form part of the Farm Dairy Systems Management block course. These two courses can be completed online. Register on our COURSES page to get these online courses started now.

Non-apprentices are welcome to participate in all or some of the courses offered within this week long block course - phone us on 027 449 7402 to discuss or email [email protected].