Milk Quality & Grade Troubleshooting

This two day course is designed to give participants an understanding of all dairy industry milk quality tests such as: bacteria quality, penicillin contamination, thermoduric, coliform bacteria and BMSCC.

This course is run Regionally.

Course Overview

Milking machine technicians must have a solid knowledge base on the various dairy company milk quality parameters as many of these are directly impacted by milking machine function and cleaning system function. This course will give participants a very good base from which they can discuss these issues with farmers and troubleshot grading problems more effectively. Farmers normally demand rapid solutions when they’re losing money through milk quality downgrades, so a technicians ability to quickly eliminate causes and go to the heart of the problem will help their reputation considerably.

Course Content

This two-day course is made up of the following components
  • Dairy Milk Quality Standards/Regulations – 1 hour
  • Bacterial grading problems – what is the significance of each type – 1 hour
  • Other grading problems – water, inhibitory substances, senses, DDE – 1 hour
  • Solving grading problems (theory) – ½ day
  • Solving grading problems (practical) – 1 day
  • Other troubleshooting tools and systems – 1 hour

Participants will learn: identifying basic dairy hygiene, what tests are required, how tests are undertaken, what causes failure of a test, how to troubleshoot and give recommendations.

Note: This course is delivered for MPTA by Quality Consultants NZ Ltd (QCONZ) - a NZQA approved Private Training Establishment.

Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a NZMPTA Certificate of Achievement in Milk Quality & Grade Troubleshooting.

Who Should Attend

Anyone involved in advising on milk quality issues such as milking machine dealer staff, sales reps, detergent reps, dairy company milk quality officers, dairy company call centre staff, shed inspectors, AsureQuality, vets and farm advisors etc.

Qualification Pathway

This course forms one of the learning blocks towards the NZMPTA Certificate in Mastitis and Milk Quality Advisor. View the Qualification Pathway Related File for a breakdown of this qualification.