Liner Selection

Liner choice is not, and never will be, a black and white decision. There are many interacting factors that must be understood. This course is designed to give participants a greater knowledge of liner function and offer up set of decision making tools so you can offer farmers a range of liner choices that can then be tried out for optimum performance.

Course Description

This online, self paced course is available to start at any time, and is designed to give participants a greater knowledge of the benefits of correct liner selection for optimum performance. As the range of liners is continually changing it is important to understand and identify the correct liner to suit various herd requirements.

Who Should Complete This Course

NZMPTA members, dairy company quality control staff, veterinarians and all companies engaged in selling milking machine rubberware, consumables etc.

Why You Should Complete This Course

The liner is where the milking machine meets the cow and while they appear to very simple this is completely misleading. Liner design must take in to account the milking machine components and vacuum, the cleaning system and the herd that the liner will be sued to milk. As you know, cows are not all the same and, even after you find suitable liners for the milking machine in use, teat variations within herd can then cause major complications, making the liner choice a real game of compromise. If you get this wrong the results can be disastrous for the cows and your reputation. This course will help you avoid making a terrible mistake.

Course Content

Participants will learn: features of different liners, liner compatibility to different shells, liner measurement, liner compatibility with cows, liner selection diagnosis, troubleshooting and recommendations.

Throughout the training participants will be tested on their understanding of the material taught.

Note: This course is delivered for MPTA by Quality Consultants NZ Ltd (QCONZ) - a NZQA approved Private Training Establishment.

Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a NZMPTA Certificate of Achievement in Liner Selection