Farm Dairy Effluent Hydraulic Design

This course, unique to the MPTA, covers aspects of hydraulic design, irrigator and pump selection for Farm Dairy Effluent Hydraulic and System Design.

This three-day course has been developed for those involved in the design and installation of Farm Dairy Effluent Systems to improve their design skills and align more closely with the FDE Design Code of Practice and Standards.

Suited to all levels from beginners to experienced designers, extensive use is made of practical examples and step by step tutoring to show how calculations are undertaken with the aim of achieving better designs than previously possible.

New techniques using EXCEL calculators will be made available to those who attend the course.

This course compliments the MPTA Farm Water Reticulation Design course...

Who Should Attend

Industry personnel involved in the design and/or installation of Farm Dairy Effluent Systems.

Course Content

  • Basic Hydraulic Theory
  • Using EXCEL Calculators to find headloss and flow velocity in pipes
  • Pipe Selection procedures
  • Theory of design and operation of sprinklers and irrigators
  • Distribution Uniformity and it's assessment
  • Procedures for carrying out a hydraulic design
  • Pump theory and pump selection procedures
  • High Head Pump Systems
  • Commissioning procedures
  • Complete System Design

A post course assignment is required to be completed as part of this course in order to be awarded the unit standard/s stipulated.

Participants who successfully complete this course and the post-course assignment will be accredited with NZQA Unit Standards 29161, Demonstrate knowledge of farm dairy effluent hydraulic design methods (Level 4, 5 credits) and 29162, Apply knowledge of hydraulic design methods to design a farm dairy effluent system (Level 4, 10 credits) and will receive a NZMPTA Certificate of Achievement in Farm Dairy Effluent Hydraulic Design.

Note: Completion of this course does not qualify the participant as an Accredited Farm Dairy Effluent Designer. For more information about Accreditation click here...