ISO Milking Machine Tester Retraining

Designed for existing or past Registered Milking Machine Testers who need to upgrade their skills and Practising Certificate to become a MPTA Registered ISO Milking Machine Tester following the MPTA ISO testing methodology which was introduced in June 2020.

14/01/2021 NOTE: We are currently trialling the first group of 20 Testers with the new online ISO re-training process that takes the Tester through the new testing procedures, flowcharts, videos, reporting and practice exercises. This trial will give us an indication of if the online training alone is enough for Testers to teach themselves the new ISO methodology, and then undertake correct ISO testing in the field, without the need for Testers to do a one-on-one assessment at our training centre in Palmerston North. If so, then this pathway to MPTA ISO Registration will be available for all existing Testers. However, if the trial indicates that it is evident that further training is necessary, Testers will still need to complete the online training plus will be required to attend face-to-face training and undertake an assessment in Palmerston North. I will communicate the outcome to Members once we have received the feedback on the first 20 testers doing the online training which will be a few months away yet.
In any case, existing Machine Testers are required to complete this online learning.

Course Description

The retraining comprises online self-learning that goes through the new testing procedures, flowcharts, completing the reports, demonstration videos and practice scenario.

This re-training can be completed any time prior to the MPTA ISO testing methods becoming the only accepted method for machine testing on 28/02/2022, however, testers are encouraged to complete the ISO training sooner rather than later to avoid the rush that may occur closer to 2022.

Once the online training is completed, six correct ISO machine tests are required to be submitted for marking before the MPTA Registered ISO Milking Machine Tester status can be awarded.

Who Should Complete this Training

Current Registered Milking Machine Testers who attended our Milking Machine Testing course prior to June 2020 who need to learn the new New Zealand MPTA ISO Testing methods and upgrade their Practising Certificate to become a MPTA Registered ISO Milking Machine Tester.

Course Content

Participants will learn the new MPTA ISO Testing methods, following the new ISO flow charts, how to complete the ISO Test Report Forms and how to make general recommendations.

Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a NZMPTA Certificate of Achievement in MPTA ISO Milking Machine Testing Retraining.


This training is self-paced online learning


Quality Consultants New Zealand Ltd (QCONZ) on contract to the NZMPTA.