Dairy Industry Apprenticeship

In 2016 MPTA launched New Zealand’s first nationally recognised apprenticeship qualification for Dairy Engineers titled the New Zealand Certificate in Dairy Systems (Engineering) with strands in Milking Systems and Pumping Systems. The qualification is NZQA approved and is managed by industry training organisation Competenz.

This apprenticeship qualifies for the Government Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF) which covers the cost of course fees until 31 December 2022.

Employers will also be able to access the Apprenticeship Boost Wage Subsidy. This funding is available until 4th August 2022 and offers the employer funding of $1000.00 per month for apprentices in their first 12 months of training, and $500.00 per month for apprentices in their second year of training (only up until August 2022).

The three-year apprenticeship addresses the shortfall of skilled tradespeople in the milk harvesting, pumping, water and effluent application sectors of the dairy industry and will build the skills and careers of the engineers who design, install and maintain the milking, pumping and effluent systems. While it’s largely engineering-based, the apprenticeship delivers a range of skills, knowledge and workmanship across multiple trades. It will help the industry attract new people and offer them career paths, lift the level of skill in the industry and set consistent standards across the industry.

The structure of the apprenticeship is made up of a mixture of learning methods being online e-learning, block courses and on-job training. A Competenz Training Adviser will be assigned to each apprentice and will visit with them 4 times per year to check on their progress and sign-off on some of the on-job competencies the trainee is required to demonstrate.

Throughout the apprenticeship, commitment is required from the employer to provide mentoring and support to the apprentice and to ensure the apprentice has sufficient time allocated to the learning and time to attend the off-job block courses.

Info on the apprenticeship content and block courses can be downloaded by clicking on the brochure image below.

Click here to find out more about the apprenticeship and make an enquiry via the Competenz website.

If you have any questions re the apprenticeship then please give call Maria Scott on 027 449 7402.