New Milking Machine Test Reports

Tuesday, 16th July 2013
MINI Milking Machine Test Report:
We have recently introduced a new MINI Machine Test Report to allow for the testing of vacuum, airflow, pulsation and oil/water flow in order for a technician to diagnose a specific problem that has been raised. It has a rating system for the recommendation based on a Critical, Major or Minor category and more closely aligns with the terminology used other industry reports such as DairyNZ & Fonterra.

Milking Machine Test Summary Report:
This report has been amended to provide better clarification around recommendations made to the farm owner / manager in the report. It has the same rating system as the MINI Test.

Preliminary Report for Milking Machine Tests:
This report would be a quick reference to the farm owner / manager as to how the Milking Machine Test went. It would be quick and easy to complete and would flag if everything was in order, or if there is urgent work to be done pending the FULL Milking Machine Test being available. This report would be completed on-site and left for the shed manager to view.
Note: this report is proposed as at 16/07/13 and not yet approved for production - pending Member feedback.

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